Brendan Buckley


Interventional Radiologist

Work History

Dr Buckley qualified from University College Cork, Ireland in 1995 and then trained in surgery in London, obtaining Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1998. He went on to train in Radiology in Oxford, becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists in 2003 before becoming the Interventional Radiology and Angiography Fellow at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in 2004.

Dr Buckley has worked as a full time interventional radiologist at Auckland City Hospital since 2005, developing and introducing a number of new procedures to New Zealand. 

He established the first dedicated clinical practice for Interventional Radiology in New Zealand with Interventional Radiology Associates. His practice covers all aspects of interventional radiology. As part of his interventional oncology practice Dr Buckley has brought a number of new technologies to New Zealand including percutaneous cryoablation and microwave ablation.

Dr Buckley continues to advance his practice by spending time with world experts in interventional radiology with recent visits to the Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London and Southampton University Hospitals. He has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences on interventional radiology, and actively contributes to research in IR.

Areas of Interest

As a full-time interventional radiologist Brendan performs all IR procedures, with extensive experience in fibroid embolisation, interventional oncology and vascular intervention. He has a special interest in interventional oncology, women's intervention and interventional urology.

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