Interventional Radiology (IR)

Interventional radiology (IR) provides an increasing number of procedures to treat peripheral vascular, kidney, liver and uterine conditions. Image guided treatment allows patients to recover faster, with less discomfort and lower complication rates than conventional surgery. GPs can refer patients to an interventional radiologist who can assess a patient’s suitability for image-guided treatment.

Interventional radiology (IR), sometimes known as vascular and interventional radiology (VIR), is a medical sub-specialty which provides minimally invasive image-guided diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Although the range of procedures performed by interventional radiologists is broad, the unifying concept behind these procedures is the application of image guidance and minimally invasive techniques in order to minimize risk to the patient. 

There are some procedures that GPs may refer direct to an interventional radiologist at Intra. These include:

  • Treatment for venous pathology
  • Ovarian vein embolisation for pelvic venous congestion
  • Varicocele embolisation


Radiology Specialists

Dr Rahul Bera

Interventional Radiologist

Dr Brigid Connor

Interventional Radiologist

Dr Brendan Buckley

Interventional Radiologist

Mr Carl Muthu

Vascular Surgeon

Dr Stephen Merrilees

Interventional Radiologist

Dr Colette Kennedy

Interventional Radiologist

Ass. Prof Andrew Holden

Interventional Radiologist