Your care is our top priority

Intra means ‘within’, and that’s how we operate. Our image-guided procedures are less invasive only using a small insertion point. Clean, precise, proven.

We are here to help return you to normal life. The journey usually goes like this:

Patient referral

Usually your GP will refer you to a specialist. Following your consultation with your specialist you may require a procedure at Intra.

Specialist appointment

To ensure you have a good understanding of the procedure at Intra you will meet with your specialist performing the procedure to discuss your medical condition and the recommended procedure or treatment. Based on the type of procedure, this may be performed by your specialist or be referred to one of the specialists at Intra. 

Intra has two facilities in Auckland and your specialist will discuss whether your procedure will be performed at our facility in Epsom or soon to be opened facility in North Harbour.

Depending on your individual insurance plan we can also assist you with seeking prior approvals with your health insurance provider. Intra is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider and a Sovereign healthcare partner.

Procedure appointment

When you are ready to have the procedure we will confirm the date, time and location with you.

We will usually send you an email with pre-admission information about your procedure and any special preparation instructions. This includes information about medication, fasting, what to bring and the likely duration of your stay.

On the day of the procedure

If your procedure is at our North Harbour facility please report to the Intra reception desk on Level 1, Northern Clinic, Southern Cross Hospital.

For procedures at Intra Epsom, please come to the Mercy Hospital, 98 Mountain Road. You will either report to the Mercy Hospital Admission Desk on the Ground Floor, or the Intra reception desk on the first floor, Mercy Hospital. This will be confirmed on your pre-admission information sheet. 

Click here for how to find our location in Epsom and North Harbour.

A family member or friend may accompany you.

As a patient, whatever procedure you are to undergo, your consent or agreement is needed before the procedure takes place. This is referred to as Informed Consent. In some cases e.g. if you are taking part in any research or if you are to go under general anaesthetic, you will be asked to sign an additional consent form.

Before giving your consent, your doctor or healthcare provider will fully and clearly explain to you:

  • what happens during the procedure
  • what you can expect after the procedure;
  • any risks that may be associated with the procedure.

This is also the perfect time to ask any questions about the procedure.

For more information on Informed Consent click here or please refer to ’Right 7’ of the  Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers


Many patients may leave on the same day as their procedure. This will depend on the procedure and your recovery.

Prior to your discharge staff will give you advice about resuming your normal daily activities. Should you have any concerns following your procedure please contact Intra or your specialist.


Generally there will be a follow-up appointment with your referring specialist or GP. Your GP will receive a full report of the findings.

Your feedback

We value your feeback and are always seeking to improve our care and services. It is likely you will recieve an email from us asking for your participation in our short patient online survey.