What is image guided healthcare?

Intra is a world leading provider of image-guided healthcare in interventional cardiology, interventional radiology and interventional oncology. Our innovative patient focussed approach is minimally invasive with faster recovery times.

The Intra care philosophy is about using New Zealand’s top specialists and technology to treat inside the body. Clean. Precise. Proven. 

Our care philosophy + clinical excellence + high-tech approach = patient results.

Most procedures are covered by all major health insurance companies. Please note approval is at the discretion of the health insurance provider.


Interventional cardiology

Minimally invasive catheter based treatments are preferred to conventional surgery because they are less invasive, which means patients experience a faster recovery, and generally fewer complications.

Intra treat coronary artery narrowings, aortic stenosis, selected arrhythmias and selected other conditions.


Interventional radiology

Sometimes known as vascular radiology, it is a medical sub-specialty which provides minimally invasive image-guided diagnosis and treatment of disease. 

The range of procedures performed by interventional radiologists is broad, and the unifying concept behind these procedures is the use of image guidance and minimally invasive techniques to minimise risk to the patient. This means patients can recover faster, with less discomfort and lower complication rates than conventional surgery. 

Intra provide an increasing number of procedures to treat peripheral vascular, kidney, liver and uterine conditions. GPs can refer patients to an interventional radiologist who can assess a patient’s suitability for image-guided treatment.


Interventional oncology

Interventional oncology can offer patients additional treatment options following surgery or chemotherapy. In some cases targeted image guided procedures can replace conventional surgery. These procedures often have fewer complications and less pain than conventional treatments, and allow patients to return to normal activity more quickly.