Dr Jim Stewart

M.B. Ch.B. (Otago) 1979, MD (Otago) 1991, MRCP (UK) 1984, FESC 1996, FRCP (London & Edinburgh) 1998, FRACP 1998, FSCAI 1998, FACC 2001, FCSANZ 2006

Interventional Cardiologist

Work History

Jim Stewart has over 20 years experience in interventional cardiology and cardiac pacing, since my early training as a registrar in London.

He has seen, and participated in, the development of coronary intervention from its earliest days of balloon angioplasty, through to the current era of drug-eluting stents.

During that time he contributed to research in this area and have been part of the evolution of the treatment of acute myocardial infarction from thrombolysis to primary angioplasty.

For coronary work he uses the radial (wrist) approach almost exclusively, which avoids the most common complications of angioplasty (bleeding from the groin puncture site), and he generally reserves the groin approach for peripheral or other work that requires larger catheters.

He has been one of the local pioneers in treating carotid disease percutaneously, and he was the principal local investigator in a large multi-centre international trial comparing carotid stenting with endarterectomy.

His “high tech” subspecialty interests mean that he is acutely aware of the limitations of angioplasty, as well as its strengths, and the importance of preventive cardiology.

In his general cardiology/consulting work he stresses the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and take a keen interest in problems relating to dyslipidaemia and hypertension. He is thus able to provide a continuum of care for an individual patient, from prevention to intervention.


Areas of Interest

Interventional cardiology, carotid & renal stenting, structural heart disease (TAVR and LAA occlusion).