Dr Guy Armstrong


Interventional Cardiologist

Work History

Guy Armstrong has worked as a Cardiologist on the North Shore since 1998, both at North Shore Hospital and in private practice at Waitemata Cardiology.

After completing schooling at Rosmini College, he obtained from Auckland University a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and then his medical degree.

Cardiology training was undertaken at Greenlane Hospital. In addition to general cardiology, Guy has undertaken additional training to gain particular areas of expertise. A year as the Interventional Fellow at Auckland City Hospital was spent learning angioplasty and stenting of narrowed coronary arteries.

He studied to become a Testamur of the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology, gaining proficiency in the assessment of slow heart rhythms causing faints and funny turns, and the procedure of pacemaker insertion.

Two years as an Advanced Fellow in Cardiovascular Imaging at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation were spent learning the technique of echocardiography and applying it to patients with heart valve abnormalities and reduced pump function of the heart.

He has published scientific research in all of these areas, but his focus is on taking good care of patients.