Research to improve image guided healthcare


Our goal is to provide financial support for medical research and clinical trials to improve image guided treatment for heart disease and conditions. Founded in 2001, the Auckland Heart Group Trust is a not for profit organisation.

Through our leading edge research and clinical trials, Intra has delivered exceptional care using the latest stents and techniques.

The research and development projects vary from clinical trials and registries of new cardiac devices to bench testing of new devices. Clinical trials and registries mainly investigate the efficacy and safety of various novel stent designs in the treatment of narrowings of the coronary arteries.

Clinical trials have different inclusion and exclusion criteria and based upon these you may be invited to participate in a study by your doctor or our clinical research coordinators. All our research projects offer excellent follow up over a number of years. Involvement in studies is optional and may not directly benefit a patient. However, extremely valuable information can be gained from the participation that will benefit others in future.

Investment in research does not guarantee positive outcomes. Yet there is no other way to find out more about treating diseases. Sometimes the returns are immediate – a better way to treat patients with a particular problem – but often the gains are long term. All research involving patients at Intra has full approval from the New Zealand Health and Disability Ethics Committee.

Our success

Professor Ormiston and Intra are world renowned for bench testing of medical devices and clinical trials. Our research has improved the design of stents to treat heart disease internationally.

We have contributed significant funds to introduce new techniques and technology in New Zealand. Intra was the first centre in Asia Pacific to perform a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) to treat aortic stenosis. This procedure is now available in New Zealand.



If you would like to help improve image guided healthcare in New Zealand and internationally please phone us to discuss a donation on 09 630 1961 or alternatively please fill in the form below 


Professor John Ormiston
Medical Director