Elina Väisänen

Chief Executive Officer

Work History

Elina, a native of Finland, studied at the Helsinki School of Economics and London Business School. She graduated with a Master's degree in Economics and International Marketing with distinction.
On completion of her studies Elina accepted a role in a US based management consulting firm in London, advising clients across various industries.

Following this, she moved to New York and worked as a Senior Consultant in a boutique management consultancy firm specialising in healthcare. Her work focused on medical devices, pharmaceuticals and in particular diagnostic tests, with clients spread between the USA, Europe and Japan.
Elina relocated to New Zealand in 1992 and continued her consulting career as an independent management consultant. Her clients consisted of both public and private organisations such as the Accident Compensation Corporation, various regional health authorities, the Ministry of Health, Aetna, Southern Cross Healthcare and for a number of years Intra (formerly Mercy Angiography).
Intra appointed Elina as General Manager in 2010, giving her the overall responsibility of managing the non-clinical functions of the business. Elina has led the diversification of Intra to previously new areas, and the facility now offers a full electrophysiology service, an extended peripheral programme as well as selected interventional oncology procedures.
Elina enjoys the rapidly changing and dynamic environment of Intra, which allows her to use her business experience in a way that has a significant impact on many people's lives and well-being.